Yukon™ Visual T&D™ HMI/SCADA

Yukon™ Visual T&D™ HMI/SCADA

General Features:

Yukon™ Visual T&D™ from Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems is a smart monitoring and control alternative to traditional SCADA. Many utility customers want the benefits of a SCADA system, but do not have the resources to implement a complicated project or to staff a 24/7 control room. Visual T&D provides a scalable, pre-configured, easy-to-use alternative.

Visual T&D is an application that continuously monitors substation and distribution equipment operation and performance. It provides all of the information regularly provided by traditional SCADA systems in a way that is less complex and simpler to implement and use. The system collects a long-term, detailed operational history that allows utilities to understand their system operation and to plan maintenance and capital expenditure programs more efficiently.

Modernizing your substation? Put your data to work!

As a standalone HMI, or as a companion product to the SMP Gateway, Yukon Visual T&D integrates seamlessly in your substation environment to provide immediate access to your data, with the following advanced features:

• Supports a large variety of devices and data sources.
• Licensing model adapts to the large number of data points in modern IED’s.
• Reliably and cost-effectively logs all events, alarms, operator actions, and all transitions on all data point in a high-performance historian based on industry-proven PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases.
• Automatically retrieve event files.
• Millisecond time tagging
• Data point tagging for information and control inhibition
• Power industry shape libraries to simplify diagram creation

Connect to all your devices – easily

• Connect to industry-standard OPC servers, including DNP3 and IEC 60870-5-101/104 OPC servers

Automatically retrieve event files

When used with SMP Gateway, Visual T&D can automatically retrieve and process event files from digital fault recorders and relays.

• Automatically retrieve events from a growing number of devices, including DFRs and relays
• Convert event files to industry-standard COMTRADE format
•Display multiple channels simultaneously
• Extract channel data for processing and analysis

Data logging

The Visual T&D data log is a true historian and is designed to provide you with a complete record of all substation data, alarms and events. Using professional third-party professional database engines PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server, Visual T&D allows:

• Safe backup of all logged data at all times, following your corporate IT guidelines.
• Datalog size is only limited by your hardware infrastructure.
• Reports can be done with Visual T&D native tools, as well as any third-party reporting tools.
• Datalog can be deployed on a dedicated database (PostgreSQL database engine provided at installation time) or on a corporate database already in place.

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