General Features:

The SMP I/O replaces traditional centralized RTU installations. It is a scalable, distributed monitoring and control device perfectly adapted to today’s substation automation requirements.

Substation grade.
• The SMP I/O meets industrial and utility standards for vibration, electrical surges, fast transients, and extreme temperature ranges

Designed for growth.
• The SMP I/O input and output cards can be added in minutes, without removing the unit from the rack.

Seamless networking.
• The SMP I/O includes 1 Ethernet and 1 RS-485 port. It uses the industry-standard DNP3 protocol.

Reduced engineering effort.
• The SMP I/O saves on cabling, commissioning and configuration time, especially when it is used with the Cybectec SMP Gateway. Its removable connectors speed up hardware changes.

Accurate data.
• The SMP I/O’s error detection features ensure data integrity between the data point and the control center. It supports IRIG-B synchronization for precise timestamping.

• The SMP I/O is accessible via the DNP3 protocol over RS-485 or TCP/IP. It has one RS-485 serial port and one Ethernet connector (copper or fiber). • The SMP I/O is compatible with any DNP3 master station. It is a level 2 DNP3 device and thus supports report-by-exception for reduced bandwidth usage. • The SMP I/O’s clock can be synchronized by the DNP3 protocol, or by an external IRIG-B time source for greater accuracy.

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