General Features:

The Cooper Power™ series SMP 4/DP is robust, but extremely flexible—providing utilities with the advanced features required to build intelligent solutions that meet NIST Smart Grid road map and security guidelines.

• Extracts and concentrates data from any device, regardless of protocol.
• Sends data to SCADA, control centers, and any other centralized management applications.
• Automates data processing and device control.
• Provides secure remote access to any device.
• Manage alarms and visualize substation single-line diagrams from a web interface.
• Future-proof your Smart Grid — facilitates upgrades for security, protocol, or other improvements.

• Ideal for retrofit and upgrade projects. The SMP 4/DP is designed for Greenfield or Brownfield. It integrates existing / legacy RTUs, IEDs, PLCs, and multiple control centers.
• Suitable for both pole-top or pad-mounted distribution automation applications.
• Universal port (RS-232/485) enables connection to any serial device.
• Data filtering allows for efficient bandwidth management over legacy low speed networks.
• Two Ethernet ports support flexible network architectures for security and IEC 61850.
• Fully compatible with Yukon™ IED Manager Suite for secure remote event, passthrough, and configuration management.
• Use with SMP I/O to achieve comprehensive real-time. control solutions

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