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The SMP Gateway product line

SMP SG-4250

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General Features:

As the fourth generation of SMP™ gateway, Eaton's Cooper Power™ series SG-4250 leverages more than 20 years of hardware and software development, and delivers one of the most advanced substation automation solutions on the market. Flexible, scalable, evolutive, the SMP SG-4250 is a Smart Grid enabler.

Simplify SCADA operational activities

• Create a homogenous system with a single entry point for each substation.

• Access IED data with more than 80 protocols supported.

• Integrate the latest IEC 61850 IEDs with legacy RTUs, IEDs and PLC's.

• Manage alarms, visualize data and control substation devices directly from the new SMP Gateway local or remote interface.

• Access substation single-line diagrams directly from a touch screen monitor or remotely using a web browser

• Manage network segments— up to ten Ethernet ports with multi-homing and VLAN tag support.

• Synchronize IEDs using IRIG-B and PTP—IEEE Std 1588™- 2008 standard.

Strengthen Cyber-Security

• Create a NERC CIP-compliant electronic perimeter to protect substation devices.

• Secure SCADA protocols using TLS and X.509 certificates as per IEC 62351-3.

• Implement DNP3 Secure Authentication V5 as per IEC 62351-5.

• Protect your system with a built-in firewall and integrity check.

The SMP SG-4250 is the most robust SMP Gateway platform available

• Meet all IEEE® and IEC requirements for substation grade equipment.

• Provide high data availability with built-in redundancy schemes.

• Wurldtech’s Achilles® Communications Level 1 certified.

• NESSUS tested.

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  • SMP4-DP

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    General Features:

    The Cooper Power™ series SMP 4/DP is robust, but extremely flexible—providing utilities with the advanced features required to build intelligent solutions that meet NIST Smart Grid road map and security guidelines.

    • Extracts and concentrates data from any device, regardless of protocol.

    • Sends data to SCADA, control centers, and any other centralized management applications.

    • Automates data processing and device control.

    • Provides secure remote access to any device.

    • Manage alarms and visualize substation single-line diagrams from a web interface.

    • Future-proof your Smart Grid — facilitates upgrades for security, protocol, or other improvements.


    • Ideal for retrofit and upgrade projects. The SMP 4/DP is designed for Greenfield or Brownfield. It integrates existing / legacy RTUs, IEDs, PLCs, and multiple control centers.

    • Suitable for both pole-top or pad-mounted distribution automation applications.

    • Universal port (RS-232/485) enables connection to any serial device.

    • Data filtering allows for efficient bandwidth management over legacy low speed networks.

    • Two Ethernet ports support flexible network architectures for security and IEC 61850.

    • Fully compatible with Yukon™ IED Manager Suite for secure remote event, passthrough, and configuration management.

    • Use with SMP I/O to achieve comprehensive real-time. control solutions

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  • SMP I/O

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    General Features:

    The SMP I/O replaces traditional centralized RTU installations. It is a scalable, distributed monitoring and control device perfectly adapted to today’s substation automation requirements.

    Substation grade.

    • The SMP I/O meets industrial and utility standards for vibration, electrical surges, fast transients, and extreme temperature ranges

    Designed for growth.

    • The SMP I/O input and output cards can be added in minutes, without removing the unit from the rack.

    Seamless networking.

    • The SMP I/O includes 1 Ethernet and 1 RS-485 port. It uses the industry-standard DNP3 protocol.

    Reduced engineering effort.

    • The SMP I/O saves on cabling, commissioning and configuration time, especially when it is used with the Cybectec SMP Gateway. Its removable connectors speed up hardware changes.

    Accurate data.

    • The SMP I/O’s error detection features ensure data integrity between the data point and the control center. It supports IRIG-B synchronization for precise timestamping.


    • The SMP I/O is accessible via the DNP3 protocol over RS-485 or TCP/IP. It has one RS-485 serial port and one Ethernet connector (copper or fiber).

    • The SMP I/O is compatible with any DNP3 master station. It is a level 2 DNP3 device and thus supports report-by-exception for reduced bandwidth usage.

    • The SMP I/O’s clock can be synchronized by the DNP3 protocol, or by an external IRIG-B time source for greater accuracy.

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  • Yukon™ Visual T&D™ HMI/SCADA

    General Features:

    Yukon™ Visual T&D™ from Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems is a smart monitoring and control alternative to traditional SCADA. Many utility customers want the benefits of a SCADA system, but do not have the resources to implement a complicated project or to staff a 24/7 control room. Visual T&D provides a scalable, pre-configured, easy-to-use alternative.

    Visual T&D is an application that continuously monitors substation and distribution equipment operation and performance. It provides all of the information regularly provided by traditional SCADA systems in a way that is less complex and simpler to implement and use. The system collects a long-term, detailed operational history that allows utilities to understand their system operation and to plan maintenance and capital expenditure programs more efficiently.

    Modernizing your substation? Put your data to work!

    As a standalone HMI, or as a companion product to the SMP Gateway, Yukon Visual T&D integrates seamlessly in your substation environment to provide immediate access to your data, with the following advanced features:

    • Supports a large variety of devices and data sources.

    • Licensing model adapts to the large number of data points in modern IED's.

    • Reliably and cost-effectively logs all events, alarms, operator actions, and all transitions on all data point in a high-performance historian based on industry-proven PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases.

    • Automatically retrieve event files.

    • Millisecond time tagging

    • Data point tagging for information and control inhibition

    • Power industry shape libraries to simplify diagram creation

    Connect to all your devices – easily

    • Connect to industry-standard OPC servers, including DNP3 and IEC 60870-5-101/104 OPC servers

    Automatically retrieve event files

    When used with SMP Gateway, Visual T&D can automatically retrieve and process event files from digital fault recorders and relays.

    • Automatically retrieve events from a growing number of devices, including DFRs and relays

    • Convert event files to industry-standard COMTRADE format

    •Display multiple channels simultaneously

    • Extract channel data for processing and analysis

    Data logging

    The Visual T&D data log is a true historian and is designed to provide you with a complete record of all substation data, alarms and events. Using professional third-party professional database engines PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server, Visual T&D allows:

    • Safe backup of all logged data at all times, following your corporate IT guidelines.

    • Datalog size is only limited by your hardware infrastructure.

    • Reports can be done with Visual T&D native tools, as well as any third-party reporting tools.

    • Datalog can be deployed on a dedicated database (PostgreSQL database engine provided at installation time) or on a corporate database already in place.

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  • Yukon™ IED Manager Suite

    General Features:

    Eaton’s Cooper Power™ series Yukon™ IED Manager Suite (IMS) provides power system operators with a complete suite of software applications to remotely manage all installed intelligent electronic devices (IEDs).

    Utilities are increasingly turning to integration and automation to enhance power system performance and reliability. Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) are the cornerstone of their efforts. Installed throughout the utility, they protect the network, monitor critical equipment, detect problems, and prevent outages.

    However, IEDs are produced by a variety of manufacturers and feature proprietary technologies as well as multiple protocols and data formats. This can create a maintenance and compliance nightmare.

    Yukon™ IED Manager Suite (IMS) helps solve these problems. Not only does it integrate all IEDs into a cohesive, manageable whole, it also provides complete, enterprise-wide access to operational and non-operational data in a highly secure environment.

    With thousands of IEDs being deployed in substations and in the field utilities are now faced with a growing management and compliance challenge.

    Yukon IED Manager Suite provides utilities with the tools necessary to manage their fleet of intelligent devices in a secure and automated manner:

    • Keep track of IED inventory

    • Provide compliance reports and auditable logs

    • Provide secure remote access

    • Retrieve fault records, SOE, and oscillography

    • Manage device configuration settings

    • Manage passwords

    • Manage firmware and settings updates

    Yukon IED Manager Suite is composed of the following software modules:

    Enterprise Gateway:

    • Manages communications with field devices

    Security Server:

    • Provides authentication and authorization services, ties in to Microsoft® Active Directory®

    Passthrough Manager:

    • Provides secure remote maintenance access, auto-login, command filtering

    Configuration Manager:

    • Retrieves device settings, monitors for changes

    Password Manager:

    • Updates device passwords

    Update Manager:

    • Updates device firmware

    Event Manager:

    • Retrieves fault records, SOE, and oscillography

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  • SMP 16

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    General Features:

    The SMP Substation Gateway is a family of substation-grade intelligent devices designed to integrate both existing and new RTUs, IEDs, PLCs and control centers into a single homogeneous automation system.

    The SMP 16 Gateway comes with a complete set of Microsoft Windows based maintenance and configuration tools. These tools are easy to use and offer both local and remote access to the SMP configuration, security settings, log files, communication traces, and system statistics.

    • Upgrade legacy RTUs—Preserve your investment. Use the SMP 16 Gateway to connect your existing RTUs to new control centers, using modern control center protocol.

    • Add new IEDs—Use the SMP 16 Gateway to integrate new digital devices such as protection relays, PLCs or IEDs. Make device data available to both new control centers and existing legacy control centers

    • Connect to the WAN—Use the SMP 16 Gateway to integrate both legacy and modern serial devices into the corporate WAN

    • Perform remote device maintenance and configuration—Use the SMP 16 Gateway to remotely access any device's maintenance port

    • Access non-operational data—Use the SMP 16 Gateway to automatically retrieve fault, event and disturbance recordings. Provide a single point of access for non-operational data

    The SMP 16 Gateway communication processor provides the following functions:

    • Protocol Translator—Convert standard or proprietary device protocols to control center protocols such as DNP3, IEC 60870-5-101/103/104 or IEC 61850 (UCA 2.0): one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many

    • Data Concentrator—Collect data from all substation devices, regardless of protocol, and make it available to control centers and the local HMI, using LAN, WAN or serial connections

    • Terminal Server / Serial Port Switch—Use the SMP 16/Gateway to connect to substation devices for remote maintenance, monitoring and control

    • Automation Processor—Replace dedicated PLCs and perform local data processing using the built-in automation functions or the IEC-6113-compatible Soft PLC

    • Hardware and software redundancy—Group two SMP 16 Gateways to provide redundant fail-safe operation. Cooper Power Systems’ advanced software also supports redundant network connections, redundant devices and redundant control center connections

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